Barcelona, May 2012
Awakening The Hero Within
Dr. Alex Santos Forrellad
It is increasingly difficult to maintain a certain level of quality of life. We invest energy, time and money trying to get a minimum of satisfaction ... and do not always get it. Under these conditions, common sense requires us to review what we are really doing with our lives. And indeed, find in it a deeper meaning, helps restore confidence and motivation, enabling new resources to achieve a true satisfaction. Coaching applied to the level of identity, raises awareness of who you really are, why you do what you do and how you can do to get what you really care. Methods employed in this workshop include coaching models and techniques inspired by Ericksonian Hypnosis, NLP and archetypes (according the work of Joseph Campbell and Carol Pearson). We all have a hero within us, waiting for the critical time to act: "The hero embarks on a journey, faces dragons and discover the treasure of their true identity." In life, if we dare not, if only we simply follow conventional social roles rather than take our trips, we experience a feeling of emptiness and meaninglessness. Each person has something unique that can contribute to the world, the challenge is being able to discover and express this potential in the most appropriate. WORKSHOP OBJECTIVES Discover new ways to cope with everyday reality. Promote self-awareness and confidence in one's own resources. Learn to manage uncertainty. PROGRAM Archetypes and Identity The Hero's Journey Developing the Magician Archetype Finding the "Personal Path" WHO IS IT FOR? Doctors, psychologists and therapists. People interested in personal development. SCHEDULE Dates: May 26th of 2012 Schedule: Saturday 10h-14h & 16h-20h. INFORMATION AND REGISTRATION Dr. Alex Santos Tel. 93 340 48 16 - 620 69 55 33 TUITION 90 € Registration until 18/05/12 Limited places (20) ENERGIMED Av. Diagonal, 400, 4t 2ª 08037-BARCELONA
Meridiana Avenue, 324, 1st 4th - 08027 BARCELONA
Tel. 93 340 48 16 - 620 69 55 33
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