Barcelona, May 2014
Couple Coaching
Dr. Alex Santos Forrellad
Would you like to know the secret to having a successful relationship? Relationship problems are usually caused by inappropriate expectations and miscommunication. As well as a difficulty to understanding and expressing the deep unconscious feelings. The objective of this workshop is to recognize and develop the abilities to get a generative relationship, where if you make the other person improve his/her life, you also improve yours, allowing the possibility of creating something new. In a couple, the characteristics of a generative relationship are: mutual trust, complementarity and common vision. This style of coaching helps you to become aware of patterns of effective communication as well as the archetypal deep unconscious patterns, in order to build a strong relationship. To know these kinds of things can you find useful, whether you are single or not. And no matter if your partner is not interested in coaching ... if you change, your partner will change. Whether you are single or not, Couple Coaching allows you to find communication patterns that works to build a sturdy relationship crisis. And if you change, your partner will also change. The methodology of the Coaching workshop includes techniques modeled on Ericksonian hypnosis, NLP and archetypal psychology. WORKSHOP OBJECTIVES - Resolve the 4 most common mistakes of communication in couples. - Discover and transform your limiting beliefs. - Deal with your deep conflicts. - Promote self-awareness. PROGRAM • Generative Realtionships: introduction, relational field. • Solution Oriented Communication: learning basic skills to improve communication, changing patterns that don´t work, expanding your beliefs and values. • Archetypes (Eros and Psique): using love as a tool for change, managing crisis. • Self-awarenes through the Experience in a Couple: integrating your shadow, developing your own sense of identity. WHO IS FOR? The workshop is designed for people in or out of relationships and who are interested in this topic. It´s not at all necessary to come as a couple! SCHEDULE Saturday 10th of May 2014 From 10 to 2 & from 4 to 8 pm. INFORMATION & REGISTRATION Alex Santos Mercč Turó 34 93 340 48 16 - 34 602 69 55 33 Cost of the workshop: 90 € Inscription before 06/05/14 VENUE ENERGIMED Diagonal, 400, 4th 2nd Barcelona
Meridiana Avenue, 324, 1st 4th - 08027 BARCELONA
Tel. 93 340 48 16 - 620 69 55 33
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