Valencia, May 2014
Awakenin' the Hero Within
Dr. Alex Santos Forrellad
When difficulties arise or things do not go as you expect, maybe thers is something important that you're not considering. As Jung said: "Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate”. To find answers or discover new possibilities, it is useful to know where to look for. According to ancient traditions, life is a journey in search of our destiny: the Hero's Journey. In the depths of our mind there is a hero, waiting for time to act: "The hero embarks on a journey, faces dragons and discover the treasure of their true identity." Where are your dragons? Maybe you're not happy with your job? Or do you have problems with your partner? Perhaps you're hooked to something that hurts you? Maybe you have health problems, or your money goes away, or do not know what to do with your free time. Coaching applied to identity level helps you transform your dragons, become aware of your true abilities and learning to express your potential. The methods employed in this workshop are inspired in Ericksonian hypnosis, NLP and archetypal psychology. WORKSHOP OBJECTIVES 1rst Learning to calm down the mind, especially in stressful situations. 2nd Identify and transform unconscious limitations. 3rd Develop leadership skills and intrapersonal intelligence. PROGRAM • Archetypes and identity • The Hero's Journey • Transformation: the archetype of the Magician • Practical application of mythology IT IS AIMED TO - Professional of coaching and therapy. - People committed to their personal development. - Creative people, curious, seakers, communicators, adventurers and artists. SCHEDULE Dates: May 23-24th of 2014 Schedule: Friday 17h-21h Saturday 10h-14h INFORMATION AND REGISTRATION KERN INSTITUTE Avda.Campanar, 1 46009-VALENCIA Tel. 963 408 966 - 617 000 684
Meridiana Avenue, 324, 1st 4th - 08027 BARCELONA
Tel. 93 340 48 16 - 620 69 55 33
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