Generative Coaching
Barcelona, March and April 2010
Personal State Management
Dr. Alex Santos Forrellad

When someone feels excessively limited by the circumstances surrounding it, is time to make changes. As Joseph Campbell said: "We must be ready to get rid of life that we plan, to accommodate life that is waiting us"..

Generative Coaching (based on work by Stephen Gilligan & Robert Dilts) helps people to discover resources needed to transform the problems and limitations in opportunities for change.

The process of Generative Coaching acts a deep level of the person (values, intentions, identity) and is characterized by creating a open minded state that allows to develop a greater awareness of own resources, objectives and possibilities.

The methods used in this workshop includes some models and techniques of Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), as well as the implementation of the generative trance state.

The 4 basic steps of process are:

  1. Preparation of conditions: connect with resources.
  2. Shift of consciousness to discover new perspectives.
  3. Transformation of negative emotions to generate new awareness.
  4. Integration and practical application of new learnings.


  1. Facilitate the awakening of consciousness to new concepts, values and attitudes to address personal challenges. .
  2. Develop a methodology to manage the personal status. .
  3. Learn techniques to turn problems into opportunities change.


  • 1st Part
    • Generative mental state
    • Centering techniques
    • Intention and objectives
    • Developing resources
  • 2nd Part
    • Beliefs transformation
    • Arquetypal expressions
    • Conflict integration
    • Action Planning


1st PartMarch 20th of 2010
2nd PartApril 17th of 2010
TimetableSaturday: 10h-14h & 16h-20h


Dr. Alex Santos Forrellad
Doctor Hypnotherapist, Personal Coach
Tel. 34 93 340 48 16 - +34 620 69 55 33
PRICE € 250
Inscription up to 03/10/10
Limited to 20 people
Av. Diagonal, 400, 4t 2ª

Meridiana Avenue, 324, 1st 4th - 08027 BARCELONA
Tel. 93 340 48 16 - 620 69 55 33
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