Identity Coaching
Barcelona, November and December 2010
Transforming personal identity
Dr. Alex Santos Forrellad

Feel free and able to lead one's life, is one of the highest ambitions as a human being. But it’s not easy to achieve because there are difficulties and restrictions in the outside world and ourselves.

Each person has something unique that can bring to the world. And the challenge is to be able to discover and express this potential in the most appropriate way. This implies something very simple, get to know and trust yourself.

On the other hand, the sense of identity is also developed on the relationship with our family and social environment, so it is important to successfully manage the boundaries between our needs and those of others

Although we often see conditioned by circumstances, always comes a time in life when there is a opportunity to change and need to know to take it. But how do you be sure you make the right decision?

Generative Coaching applied to the level of identity, help find the resources necessary to get what you want in life. This process allows the courage to undertake new challenges and maximize opportunities.

Methods used in this workshop include techniques from Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP). And also applies Generative Trance work, with its four basic steps: preparation, shift state of consciousness, transformation and integration.


  1. Enhance identity feeling and self confidence.
  2. Learn to manage boundaries between "Me and others".
  3. Be aware about new personal perspectives.


  • 1st Part
    • Identity and generative mental state
    • Limiting beliefs
    • Sponsoring techniques
    • Enhance resources
  • 2nd Part
    • Archetypes and identity
    • “Hero's Journey”
    • Identities in conflict
    • Discovering the “Personal Way”


1st PartNovember 20th of 2010
2nd PartDecember 11th of 2010
TimetableSaturday: 10h-14h & 16h-20h


Alex Santos Forrellad, M.D.
Hypnotherapist, Personal Coach
Tel. 34 93 340 48 16 - +34 620 69 55 33
PRICE € 250
Inscription up to 11/12/10
Limited to 20 people
Av. Diagonal, 400, 4t 2ª

Meridiana Avenue, 324, 1st 4th - 08027 BARCELONA
Tel. 93 340 48 16 - 620 69 55 33
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